Savoring the Flavors of Italy has never been so easy..

Now, with A&A Alta Cucina Italia products you can cook authentic italian dishes at home, in minutes.

italian seasoning salts


Remember that in Italy we cook with the season, so what it's available at that time ( harvest) it's what we use in our kitchen, always using the freshest ingredients to obtain their best flavor and texture. Today, I'm giving you a few tips on how to use the A&A Seasoning Salts & Blends.

Capri flavor


The uses for these seasonings are, as infinitive as the ingredients you can use in your kitchen.

For Meats, Chicken, Fish:  Rub the seasoning into your meat, poultry or fish 1 to 2 hour before grilling or cooking it.

seasoned chops



For Vegetables: Rub the seasoning over your vegetables before or after grilling or stir-frying.  

sundried salt seasoned potatoes

seasoned zuchinni


 For Pasta: Drizzle 1 tbsp of your favorite A&A Seasoning and 1 tbsp of Olive Oil over your pasta dish and blend well.

seasoned pasta salad

Always use the best quality products and ingredients, since each of them  play a important role in the sucess of your final dish.

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