Grilled Chicken with Italian Herbs

We should take advantage of the wonderful weather we are having, and what better than some family grilling?

This weekend we went to eat at my brother's house, who is grill guru and my sister in law, an amazing cooker; She marinated the chicken with 1 tbsp. of  A&A Italian Seasoning Salt , and 1 tbsp. of A&A Extra Virgin Olive Oil  however, if you do not have the seasoning salt, you can replace it with your A&A Italian Dipping Oil, which contains Italian herbs.

seasoned grilled chicken

All you need is a grill, some chicken breasts and of course, A&A Alta Cucina Italia products. To accompany the grilled chicken she made a spectacular mixed salad drizzled with  A&A Extra Virgin Olive Oi and A&A Crema Balsamica.


mixed greens salad


Have a nice week!

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