Get creative!!

Many recipes had been already created, what we call: the classic recipes; but it has never happened to you, at the last minute when you are cooking them, to realize that you are missing an ingredient? or for many years always mixing certain ingredients always the same way, again and again? This makes our cooking journal boring and monotonous. Cooking should be something fun to do and we should always enjoy why not experiment a little bit? Why not have fun and create new stuff? I always like to recommend this to my friends:

Let your imagination fly, GET INSPIRED!! do you think the great chefs do? I enjoy so much attending to farmer's market, because it gives me the great opportunity to hear from you the wonderful dishes you are creating at home with A&A products, and what I enjoy the most is when I hear dishes that I would never have imagined and that you encourage me to make them because they turned out so yummy, and to tell you the truth..I have tried most of them at home..and they are really wonderful!

So always remember not be afraid while cooking, take risks, that's how new recipes born!!

Here are some few tips that I would like to share with you today, especially with many of you that had asked me for, on how to use A&A Italian Seasoning Blends, hoping that you will enjoy them as much as I do!


milanesa with grilled zucchini


- Mix with a little of sour cream or A&A Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a perfect baked potato topping.

- Sprinkle in your pasta sauce for a more intense flavor.

- Add a bit to your eggs for an Italian inspired omelet/scramble eggs.

- Combine with softened butter to create an Italian herb butter.

- Add it to ground meat for tasty Italian meatballs.

- Blend it with A&A Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make a great bread dipping to your friends.

- Add to breadcrumbs and twist regular breadcrumbs to Italian ones!

- Drizzle over soups and stocks to enhance their flavors.

- Blend with A&A EVOO, A&A Crema Balsamica to make a delicious Italian vinaigrette!

- Drizzle over diced bread together with any of our Infused or Dipping Olive Oils and bake them for crispy Italian croutons!

You can find more tips here, in an older post! 

Enjoy your weekend!!

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