Quick & Easy Vegetable Broth

My girl just LOOVEE homemade vegetable broth, but I usually serve soups and more heavy dishes as risotto, zuppa (soups) and hot dishes on fall & winter, however, the weather is getting nice so I decide to make her happy.
 While she was eating her breakfast in 5 minutes I had my vegetable broth cooking, and when she left to school she already was able to feel the wonderful aroma that was coming from the kitchen.
I'm getting ready now to go to my licensed kitchen to prepared my new CREMA BALSAMICA, in order to have it ready for tomorrow and Saturday Farmer Markets and while I'm getting ready I have my broth on the stove, I will just turn it off before I leave, and when I will get back..guess what?  Dinner will be done!
Homemade broth is so easy to make and so much healthier, full of vitamins and fresh flavor from the vegetables that you put into it,  from the canned broth (loaded with sodium). It's so simple to make that there is no real excuse that you continue using canned broth, with so many additives, preservatives, and so much salt they have.
A good vegetable broth  "BRODO" should be light but flavorful.
The best part, you can make a bigger batch so them after it cools down, you can storage and freeze it, to use later for a quick risotto, or a quick soup.
I need to get going, and I will post later this wonderful "Ricette di Brodo Vegetale", but before I go here it's what I use for this one, some potatoes, carrots, onion, pomodorini (cherry tomatoes), a garlic clove and parsley (I prefer Italian parsley, but unfortunately I run out of it, so I use this one).
vegetables for broth
Have a Wonderful Day!

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