this seasoning blends elevatethe flavor in your favorite meat, fish or vegetable dishes


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Tuscany in a jar! This Toscana season is a balanced blend of rosemary, thyme, and garlic, that will help you create a full & rich flavor reminiscent of a Tuscan house meal.

Elevate your dishes with this blend.

 - Make a unique marinade and flavor any poultry dishes before grilling them.

- Sauteé your potatoes or season your french fries.

- Drizzle on top of your popcorn.

- Add a little olive oil to a dish and dip a warm crusty bread.

Get some more ideas, inspiration, and easy Italian recipes in our blog, in the Salt and Blend Section.

Made with only 100% Natural ingredients (without all the unnecessary additives, artificial flavors, and/or preservatives that are often found in store-bought ones), that will help you create healthful and delicious dishes.

Carefully packaged in an attractive earth-friendly glass jar topped with a cork, that makes it a perfect and versatile edible gift that anyone will be delighted to receive and enjoy!

A thoughtful flavorful gift for food lovers, experienced or beginner chefs, hosts, and hostesses; incredible Italian, barn, and/or rustic wedding and party themes favors; healthy stocking stuffers.

-Jar Measure: 1 3/4" *1 3/4" * 1 3/4"