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This citrusy finishing salt perfectly blended with oregano will help you reinvent your cooking so easily.

- Fantastic for adding a zesty citrus kick to any fish or seafood dish.

- Rub onto pork or chicken to bump up the flavors in your meats.

- Sprinkle in your roasted veggies, and more.

The Cinque Terre finishing salt is hand-blended naturally in small batches with oregano, and lemon-infused sea salt.

They are individually hand-packed in small recycled round-shaped corked glass jars, properly sealed, and labeled with eco-friendly materials.

They also make unique, interesting, and useful hostess gifts, gift baskets, Italian theme parties, and wedding favors.

-Jar Measure: 1 3/4" *1 3/4" * 1 3/4"

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