Cheese Ravioli Recipe

Sometimes we want delicious food with great flavor but we don´t want to spend too much time in the kitchen, today it took me less than 15 minutes to prepare this wonderful dish for lunch.

Fresh Cheese ravioli with A&A Basil Infused EVOO.

cheese ravioli


When I make homemade fresh pasta, I usually prepare larger amounts so I can put some in my freezer for days like today, when I need to cook something quickly. I love to use herbal infused olive oil because they help pull out the wonderful flavors from my simple dishes, and in a flash you have the meal done.

I took some Cheese Ravioli out from my freezer, and I put some sea salted water to boil in a saucepan. When the water was boiling I added the ravioli and cooked them, stirring occasionally, until they were "al dente". I then drained and tossed them with some A&A Basil Infused EVOO.

cheese ravioli homemade
  I sprinkled with some grated Parmigiano (parmesan cheese) and...

ravioli and parmesan cheese  


Although I used Pompei's Infused Olive Oil (oregano & garlic), feel free to use your favorite flavor of  A&A Infused EVOO. And the great news is that we just added a wonderful flavor to our family of Fresh & Organic Herbal Infused EVOOs: A&A BASIL. It's a fascinating combination of fresh organic basil infused in 100% Italian Extra Virgin Oil, so you can continue experiencing the authentic taste of Italy at home. This is another A&A product that reflects the passion we have for authentic Italian food.

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