Toscana's Flavors just arrived to Alta Cucina Italia

A new flavor has arrived at our line of Extra Virgin Olive Oil! With the popularity of our A&A Italian Dipping Oil, we are pleased to announce the addition of  Toscana Dipping Oil to our A&A Dipping Oils. The new Toscana Dipping Oil is made with 100% Italian First Cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Italian Rosemary, Italian Garlic and Italian Thyme. It's 100% natural, without any artificial flavor/ color. This flavor is great to enhance the flavor of your focaccias or grilled bread, to serve over your grilled fish, chicken, pork and lamb; to enhance the flavor of your potato salad; as a salad dressing and of course as a DELICIOUS dipping oil. We will have some available tomorrow at Decatur Farmer's Market, so be sure to arrive early so you won´t miss it. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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