Fall has arrived and with it, its distinguished flavors!

We are, for a limited time only, introducing a new flavor to our delicious  Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils:

A&A PORCINI Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  This porcini olive oil is made using our traditional artisan Italian methods. We naturally, in small batches, infuse the intense aroma and flavor of porcini mushrooms into our Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This wonderful Porcini EVOO is great to enhance the flavors of your dishes as: - Risotto: drizzled over your mushroom risotto recipe; - Dipping: use it as a dipping oil for your crusty and warm ciabatta bread; - Garnish: Use it instead your truffle oil as a garnish; - Mashed, baked or roasted potatoes: Give them a porcini mushroom burst by drizzling/ tossing some A&A Porcini Infused EVOO before serving; - Pasta: Give a new twist to your regular pasta dishes by tossing your pasta with it and then garnish with some fresh chopped parsley on top. - Paninis: Instead of using butter, or your regular spread, pour and spread some Porcini Olive Oil...you will love it! Don't miss it out, while it last, the unique and great new A&A Alta Cucina PORCINI INFUSED EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL! You can find us here. Check this page every once in a while, since we are adding new great retail locations,  also we invite you to join us here at our new facebook page, where you can be updated of our new products, recipes, and more!

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