A&A Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar Reduction is now here

The new A&A Raspberry White Balsamic is an exquisite combination made from fresh raspberries and white balsamic vinegar of Modena.

 Besides their excellent flavor, raspberries are a nutritious food, an excellent source of vitamin C, A, manganese, fiber plus has appreciable amounts of  B complex, folic acid, magnesium, copper, and iron.

Raspberry contains appreciable amounts of anthocyanin pigments which are natural antioxidants. Because of the aggregate fruit structure, the dietary fiber is amongst the highest amongst the plant foods. In addition, raspberries contain a natural substance called ellagic acid, which is an anti-carcinogenic (cancer-preventing) compound.

 This sweet, fruity and tangy balsamic is exquisite in fresh summer salads, over your fruity sorbets or any dishes that will be adversely affected by the dark color of traditional balsamic vinegar.


 Are you ready to take your mix green salad to a whole new level?

Make life easy on yourself and toss together a green salad with some feta, fresh raspberries and walnuts,  or any salad, diced oranges, walnuts and drizzle this wonderful balsamic over it.


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