A&A Olive Pestos Cooking Ideas

We all want delicious food, with little fuss but with tons of flavors.

A&A Olive Pestos made this possible!

green olive pesto

  black olive pesto


Last post I gave you some ideas how to use your A&A Sundried Tomatoes Pesto, and today I will like to give you some tips for using your A&A Green Olive Pesto or A&A Black Olive Pesto at home. If you have a busy schedule and almost not time to cook complicate or time-consuming recipes, with these pestos you can create recipes that don´t involve many steps, ingredients or time. They can add rich, vibrant twist to almost any dish helping you to transform everyday foods into delicious creations...

They will really enhace your cooking in a flash.

..so what are you waiting for? Incorporate pestos into your menu items for a distinct kick!


bruschetta with black olive pesto


  • They make a great spread for crostini and pizza.
  • Use them as spreads for your freshly sliced baguette.
  • Use as condiment on sandwich and burger.

panini with black olive pesto

  • Use as a sauce for your pastas.

pasta with  pestopasta with black olive pesto


  • This is a great pesto and perfect combination that goes good with almost any seafood dish, try over grilled salmon.

salmon with green olive pesto

  • This fresh olive pesto is delicious dress up sandwiches and salads. For a special dressing salad, toss 2 tbsp of your olive pesto to your extra virgin olive oil. 
  • Serve over grilled or baked chicken. 
  • Coat your boiled or baked potatoes, (quartered) and add some extra virgin olive oil. 
  • Top your grilled or roasted meat.


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